“Since working with Katie there have been definite changes in my life. I received more than I expected from coaching. I enjoyed being in a constant state of awareness and action. It provided a lot of self discovery and my conversations with friends and clients were really powerful as I had opportunities to talk about the things I was working on and learning about. My overall perspective has changed and given me more power to create what I want in my life.

I had felt stuck before and although I had dreams for my life I didn’t know what work to do to get there. They felt far away and overwhelming, but working with Katie I am now more in control and focused. I am now able to say what I want and actually go after it — not just talk about it forever without any change. Working with Katie made that process attainable.

The work we did on self-love and self-talk was very impactful. I know more clearly how to get ‘unstuck’ when I feel overwhelmed. What used to feel like a mountain, feels more like a hurdle and I know I can overcome whatever is in my way from me getting what I want. Understanding that is the greatest change in me.

I have a new found confidence and know my worth. I am less afraid of what I do not know. I am more action oriented. Knowing my worth and power has allowed me to take responsibility for my life and not let things happen to me but instead I create what I want. Overall there has been a change in the way I approach problems in my life, a shift in perspective and it affects everything.” – Ashley

“Katie is an exceptional life coach. She is a master at identifying language patterns and limiting beliefs that lay deep in the subconscious mind. She was instrumental to me coming to many realizations all on my own simply by asking phenomenal questions, accompanied with a realistic and actionable strategy to implement. I would highly recommend Katie to anyone who is open to looking deeper inside of themselves and unlock the keys to getting to the next level in whatever they want to do.” – Matt

“Working with Katie enabled me to remove a lot of the clutter in my head that was making so many tasks seem overwhelming. Utilizing coaching tools, I have found a sense of relief and calm that I was unable to find prior. Before working with Katie I was frequently looking for excuses as to why I wasn’t successful and constantly living in this ‘safe space’ which wasn’t getting me anywhere. Working with Katie I realized that I needed to push my own boundaries and not always be comfortable and ‘safe’.  That is when you can see real growth and progress.” – Jared

“I started my life coaching journey skeptical, scared and a bit anxious, not knowing where it would lead me. I’ve been coached by several different people and Katie has been an extraordinary stand out coach, mentor and guide. She has seen me frustrated, cry, and almost give up and has never made me feel judged or less than. She supported me and gave me challenges to overcome things that I once thought were impossible for me. She provided me with a platform to build my dreams and gave me the tools and resources to do so. What she has provided for me is priceless. I can only repay her with my actions by continuing to succeed through the lessons and guidelines I’ve been given.” – Jasmine