i am spirit in a body
i am the same as you

(equality) – km

To hate

love is the answer
love has always been the answer

(to hate) – km

Inner critic

to walk through the front door
you simply have to get past yourself

(inner critic) – km

Self love

fall in love with yourself and anything will be possible

(self love) – km


she says, “you’re beautiful”
she responds “thank you”

(empowerment) – km


love yourself deeply
and you will find
the kind of love
that respects you back

(partnerships) – km

Daily reminder

don’t be afraid of failing
it will make you stronger
rather be afraid of your inaction
it will make you suffer

(daily reminder) – km

Dream Big

your struggles
live in those
you look up to
their success
also lives in you too

(dream big) – km


we marched for you today America
we marched for ourselves too
our daughters, our sisters, our mothers

we marched with pride
we marched for respect
we marched for equality

this is the silver lining
our union

life gave us lemons
so we make lemonade

(lemonade) – km

To my love

to see you cry
everything inside of me bends
like a twig would do
to support the weight of a bird
like the stem of a flower
thirsting for the light of the sun
i want to cocoon you in my love
i want you to know
it will all be ok
i am here by your side
i love you

(to my love) – km