What are some things you want to do right now but can’t?

Take a minute to think about this and come up with 3-5 things and the reasons why.

Maybe you want to spend less time commuting to work. Maybe you want more flexibility with your work day. Maybe you want to take on a new career. Maybe you want to take a day off or go away on holiday, or maybe it’s as simple as you want to stay in tonight but have plans to go out. Whatever it is, you want it but you don’t see it as being possible.

Well I’m here to tell you – it is possible, you can!

Take back your power. Be your own badass boss. Take back authority over yourself, your time, and your life. 

Who have you given your power away to? (Hint: it’s the answer to your why). Is it your boss at work, your partner, your family, your friends, where you live, your work, your bank account? Are any of these or any other circumstances behind the reasons it’s not possible?

When it comes to getting what you want, what it really comes down to is you getting out of your own way, not anyone else. For example, you just need to give yourself permission to take on a different job, not your boss. Or you need to give yourself permission to take a holiday, not your bank account.

If you’ve given your power away, you need to take it back. Your power shouldn’t be in the hands of your boss, your bank account, your family, your friends…you get the point. You wield the throne of your life. You get to say what you can or cannot do, no one else.

Trust me when I say this, in taking back your power (aka being your own badass boss) you really have nothing to lose. Anything you do lose is going to be worth losing anyways. If it’s not giving you what you want what does continuing to hold onto it give you? More of the same. Is that what you want?

Whatever isn’t allowing you to live the life you want, do the things you want, or have the things you want, it’s worth losing. So take action towards what you want – especially if it means giving up what’s in the way of you being who you really want to be.

Now you may be saying to yourself right now, “but I have one really good reason why I can’t quit my job or I shouldn’t take a holiday”. Maybe you have a dozen reasons. If you look closely, what you think are reasons are actually your fears. Sometimes fear can be disguised as “logical” thinking or “realistic” thinking. Your fears disguised as reasons are only there to hold you back and keep you safe – to keep you comfortable and operating within your comfort zone.

You may have fears around hearing no, getting hurt, failing, going broke, being fired, or being disliked. But these fears don’t actually exist in reality. These fears only exist in your head, unless you have a magic, crystal ball and can tell me exactly what’s going to happen. If you do, you’ve got to let me know because I want to get my hands on it!

So many people stay in jobs they don’t genuinely enjoy because they are afraid of the uncertainty that comes with trying something new or different. At some point, people even start to accept suffering in their jobs and in their lives as the new normal and continue to choose it over stepping into the unknown.

The unknown can be a scary place and our fears can have a powerful hold over us. They can act like a prison cell. Fear keeps you in your comfort zone, it keeps you in what you know, what you interpret as safe. But where do your dreams live? Where does what you really, really want live?

Your biggest most badass dreams and aspirations live outside of your comfort zone. That means you need to work on your relationship with discomfort. Being a badass boss means being uncomfortable a lot of the time.

As boss you’re in charge. You say what stays and what goes. You may have some people counting on you too! Sometimes as boss you have to fire people, sometimes you get to hire people – as boss you hold the vision of where it is you want your company (your life) to go.

Be the boss of your life. Look at your fears and at being uncomfortable as your best guide, your most trusted right-hand advisor. Instead of fear and discomfort being something to avoid, lean into it! Discomfort is necessary if you’re going to live your fullest life and be your own badass boss.

Ask any successful individual – whether they are an athlete, an entrepreneur, a corporate professional, or a creative. They will tell you it took going beyond their fears to achieve their dreams. It took being uncomfortable and not knowing how it was all going to turn out – but in the face of that uncertainty and in the unknown, they kept going. Every time I’m in an airplane I think of the Wright brothers – they stood for the possibility of flight in the face of the whole world telling them it was impossible.

So what are some things that you want right now that are outside of your comfort zone? What are some steps you can take right now as “badass boss” to get it?

If taking a big leap feels too overwhelming and stops you in your tracks – a common behavioral pattern for many – what’s a small step you can take right now that will take take you in that direction, to the edge or just beyond your comfort zone, going after what you want? Is there someone you could call? A request you could make? A question you could pose? Research you could do? A plan you could start putting into action?

Let’s say you’re just not happy in your career. I mean who said you had to earn income doing only one thing, the same thing, your entire life? Maybe you want to take your career to the next level or you want to try something totally different? Maybe you want to start working part-time on a side hustle or maybe you want to start working full-time on your own company?

If getting really real with yourself and putting in your notice this week is too big of a leap for you, what about putting aside time this week in your calendar to start really thinking about what it is you want? Request informational interviews with those in the industry you are interested in or  look into getting the training you need to do that something else.

Start with small steps such as those and the next thing you know, you’ll find yourself as the founder and CEO of your own business, the working actor getting paid to be on set, or the person who had the courage to give it all up to get what they really wanted. Nothing will seem impossible. You want some of that? You can have it.

You’re the only one with the power to say what’s possible for you and your life. Take your power back. Join me in re-inventing leadership and what it means to be a badass boss in your life. Be the authority figure in your life and of your life. It’s you who gets buried in the ground at the end of the day – not your colleagues, not your bank account, not your family, friends or circumstances. How do you want to go out?


Think of this work as a work out. You’re building strength in a new muscle – your own badass boss muscle. The more you practice taking action outside of your comfort zone towards what you want, the stronger the muscle becomes and the easier it gets. Within days, weeks, and months you’ll be looking back at where you first started with that one small step (like taking the time to do some research or making a request of someone) and be amazed by what you’ve accomplished and the massive determined action you’re now able to take.

Start now. Be powerful. Be that badass boss you know you are!

About Katie Leah

Katie Leah is a success coach, actor, writer, and aspiring producer.