Claim your superpower

Let’s think about it this way:

What you tell yourself all day long becomes your superpower.

Your inner dialogue not only influences how you feel, but what you see, how you act and what you attract.

You can use it for good or you can use it for evil.

Many of us, more often than not, walk around on auto-pilot unaware of how we talk to ourselves. But once you become aware of your thoughts and inner chatter (daily meditation is one tool that can be helpful with this) you can take control over how you use them and craft your superpower. In essence, you can take control of what you say and in turn what you become.

Do you want to put on a superhero’s cape or do you want to wear a supervillain’s crown?

Every day you get to choose what kind of superhero you want to be so why not choose to be one that is badass, one that will empower you, that will love you.

Lord knows we need more superhero’s out there in the world.

And as my acting coach always says, “if you think it, you will feel it”.

– Katie

About Katie Leah

Katie Leah is a success coach, actor, writer, and aspiring producer.